The Guy Behind the “Glow”

I have been told several times throughout my pregnancy that I have the “glow”. I am very lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy and actually felt pretty amazing for the majority of it, so this helps produce a healthy, happy appearance. And I am also pleased to know that the excitement I feel inside over becoming a mother for the first time is showing on the outside too. Like most people, I don’t always know how to properly take the compliment, and instead of just saying thank you, I usually give credit to a quality shimmer or the benefits of an Organic Tan (thank you Andrea in Moose Jaw for helping to give this momma-to-be a natural looking tan over her very pale skin!). But besides the shimmer and tan, I should remember to attribute my glow in part to a certain British beau and baby-daddy<3

couple pregnancy pic Jon's best

I ❤ this guy!

Jon won’t love me dedicating a long blog post just to him, so I will try to make this one as short as possible ( but for anyone who knows me, limiting my words has never been my strong suit!). I need to give credit where it’s due:  I am the happiest Bree I have ever been, and that is in very large part because of Jon and the amazing little life we have created in the relatively short time we’ve been dating. Making the move from my hometown to live with him in Estevan was the best decision I have ever made:  we have since been able to make our shared dreams reality by purchasing our first home and getting pregnant…not quite in that order;)

Like most supportive partners, Jon has never missed accompanying me to a doctor’s appointment, has held my hand reassuringly or squeezed my foot excitedly during ultrasounds, and read books geared towards preparing expectant fathers (I think he was finished his first one before I had even cracked the first in my pile of pregnancy books!). Ever the responsible one, Jon was reading car seat and stroller reviews while I was busy picking out the chicest diaper bag online. And he has dedicated his time to excitedly preparing for our baby girl’s arrival:  when I spent a week of vacation at my mother’s in Moose Jaw, Jon spent several nights after work putting together all the baby room furniture on his own, hoping to surprise me!

couple pregnancy pic us and red barn


And from the start of this pregnancy, he has shouldered the majority of the housework; while the control freak in me has yet to hand over the cooking duties (I couldn’t even let him prepare Kraft Dinner for me the other night…being the Canadian in the relationship, I felt I must be the only one qualified to make it right!), Jon is the one to make coffee, breakfast and prepare our lunches every weekday morning. This comes from him being a morning person, me SO not being one, but also from watching his own dad bring his mum coffee each morning for years. Jon takes care of the dishes every night, does our laundry rather than have me climb the steep stairs down to our unfinished basement to get the job done, and usually tidies the bathroom so I don’t have to worry about using possibly dangerous cleaners.

couple pregnancy pic kiss

Thank you Jon!!!

While all this makes me a happy and rested preggo, it is more the way he takes time every morning and every night to make sure I feel loved and appreciated, and to reassure me that I am not in fact fat, just pregnant…even gorgeous in his eyes;) This guy can make me smile even in my moodiest moments! And it is his calming nature, his chill demeanor, in the face of my growing anxiety over labour that has kept me from completely freaking out. I already know he will be great at encouraging me when we actually get to the whole labour and delivery part!!

I am so thankful to have Jon to navigate this sometimes scary, often emotional journey with.  And I look forward to our daughter witnessing how great her father is to both his girls. I want her to know that she too deserves this kind of love from her future match:  someone who makes her laugh and shows her how to enjoy the little things in life, who appreciates her independence but can be her rock when she needs it, who celebrates what makes her beautiful and loves her just for being herself. Someone who makes her feel brave enough to tackle anything life throws at her, because she has the love and support of a true partner behind her.

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