To Lily Rose on Her 1st Birthday <3

IMGP2623How this year with you has flown by. How you have grown little girl. How you have changed me in a million wonderful ways my sweet, smart, silly, sassy babe. Life hasn’t been the same since you came into this world, and your Daddy and I wouldn’t have it any other way; even though it hasn’t always been easy, it has made for the best year of our lives yet. In such a short time, you have filled our hearts with such joy, and taught us new levels of love and patience.

You are our sunshine girl, so happy that it’s contagious. You have woken up every day of your young life with a smile on your face (cause you smiled super early!). Always ready to tackle the day, excited to play and explore this big beautiful world. Our Monkey.

A busy babe, you haven’t stopped moving since you could kick your legs, roll over, sit up and reach for things. You are still the fastest crawler (from your early commando crawl to a kind of slide, now standing on one knee in typical Lily stance!). You are constantly on the go! But save for a few shaky steps recently, you aren’t ready to walk just yet. Take your time, sweetie. Enjoy being little and don’t rush this growing up thing!

You are physically strong for your small frame, sometimes shocking us with how forceful you can be while playing with your toys or other children. “She’s no delicate flower, that Lily Rose!” Just remember to be kind, little big one. You are already more rough and tumble than we expected. You adore the swing, love being thrown in the air by Daddy, jumping around with Mommy. Please be careful our fearless babe.

You love the bath, and were excited in the pool at swimming lessons. Even when you take a tumble, you are quick to recover and most often you just keep going. Even immunizations didn’t seem to scare you. You are brave.

And you are so good with your little tinker hands:  early on you were able to put your soother in and out of your mouth, hold a bottle, and turn the pages of your beloved books. You loved waving for a time, then it was all about clapping. Now it’s pointing and asking us to name things. You are busy learning something new everyday; your little mind is always a-buzz and it’s a wonderful thing to watch.

20150517_083623When you see other kids or animals, you scream excitedly, trying your best to get their attention. You are happiest out and about, so social. Our Little Miss Chatterbox; a surprisingly loud voice from a tiny girl with lots to say! Beautiful baby babbling evolved to Mom, Dad, Dat (for Cat or That), Bababa for ball and book and pretty much everything for a time;) A lot of Num Num Nums while eating your favourites:  fruit, cheese and pasta. You sign “Milk” for everything now that you know it gets you what you want, cheeky monkey;) Your giggle is the cutest sound in the world, and nothing makes you laugh like Daddy tickling you or Mommy’s silly dance moves. You may not love giving kisses yet, but your sweet snuggles are THE. BEST.

Because even though you are small, you already have a BIG personality. While you are happy and often easygoing like Daddy, you could still prove to be a strong willed child. You definitely have a lot of Mommy in you too, and that means you are a bit stubborn. But a little sass never hurt anyone;)

You love music, are happy at Kindermusik, and what started as a silly shake of the head when you heard a beat you liked has progressed to a cute wiggle and babby jig to your favourite jams. Don’t ever be afraid to dance to your own beat Lillers:)

Everyone told us you were an easy baby, and we think it’s gotta be true:  you were, and still are, a good sleeper, eater, and usually fun to take out and about. Even while teething you manage to stay pretty happy; just in need extra cuddles and to be held more. We are so lucky that except for a few colds and a mild chest infection, you have been healthy. So thank you for making this first-time parent thing easier than it could have been!

20150510_095652Still, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. No matter how good a baby you were, there still were hard times:  all of us covered in poop, pee or puke; sleepless nights of Daddy waking to put your precious dummy back in your mouth twenty times; marathon midnight feeds and weeks of sore nipples for Mommy. Then you wouldn’t let me put you down for what seemed like months. Our bond was strong, sometimes it seemed too intense, and I sometimes cried as you did, my sweet. And now you test our patience as you throw food off your highchair or try and grab at things you aren’t meant to, all with the most mischievous grin.

But when things get hard, a day is rough, one of us is a little sick or tired, it’s that grin or your giggle, even just the sight of your lovely face, that make things better. You have that gift my girl:  the ability to make bad things fade away, because we have your love, and that makes this life sweeter than we ever imagined. Really WE are the lucky ones, to be loved by YOU!

So never change little one. Never stop being super smiley and crazy excited about life. Be silly and curious and all kinds of beautiful just by being you. Be brave and bold, and don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t lose your sparkle, and never let others get you down. And when things seem hard or life gets crazy, know that you can overcome anything, because you are loved unconditionally by a family that will fight tooth and nail to make sure you are happy, healthy and safe. We are yours, forever!!

How we met 2I really felt it then when you arrived, and it has only gotten stronger since; the belief that you were always meant to be here with us, that I was always meant to be your mother. I’m not a religious person, neither is your father, but we think that there is a place where little souls watch over us all and when ready, make their way down, choosing which parents to join. So Lily Rose, on your birthday and everyday, we thank you SO MUCH for picking us ❤


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